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Urns of America Products

At Urns of America we take great pride in the construction and finish of our cubic urns. We have taken great care and have exhaustively researched many of the available products, comparing their materials, quality of manufacture, and finish. Through our research we have found that the quality of available products varies greatly and we want to pass our findings onto you, the customer, so that you can make an informed purchase whether you buy one of our products or not. We are confident that our cubic urns are the finest available. The following unretouched photos of our cubic urns demonstrate our commitment to quality.

Urns of America Cubic Cremation Urn

The four decorative retention screws for the base cover plate serve a dual role, providing you with the opportunity to level the urn when placed on an uneven surface. In addition, they raise the urn approximately 1/8" from the seating surface to provide an attractive style line for the urn.

Urns of America Cubic Cremation Urn

Our attention to detail is clearly shown in the fit and finish of our cubic urns. The base of the urn is beveled and recessed to accommodate the precision-fit cover plate, which is hidden from view at the base of the urn rather than the backside. We also supply each of our cubic urns with a satin pouch in which to place the contents before inserting into the urn.

Urns of America Cubic Cremation Urn

With the interior lined in velvet, our cubic urns demonstrate accute attention to detail, inside and out. Where fit and finish is important, the base materials from which the urns are constructed is also a point that needs to be considered. Our cubic urns are all handcrafted from materials that are 0.10" in thickness. Many other cubic urns measure only .030" and .050", 1/3 and 1/2 the thickness of our urns, respectively. This translates into a heavier, more solid construction that is readily apparent when you simply pick up each of the urns.

Competitor Products

Pictured below are actual products received by us as samples from various urn manufacturers. Keep in mind that all of these products were sent to us as sample units, so one should assume that they would send the finest they had available to entice a new potential customer. The photos were not retouched.

Other Vendor Urn

This unit demonstrates a lack of consistency in manufacture. When secured, the base plate is supposed to be recessed, so the bottom edges of the urn walls are resting on the surface on which it is placed. However, the base plate mounting brackets were not adhered to the unit at the same distance from the bottom edges of the unit when fabricated. This quality error led to one of the base plate corners actually extending beyond the base of the unit. The unit sits noticeably lopsided when placed in display position. Also, the four corners of the unit unit are not square leaving uneven gaps between the outer edges of the base plate and the unit walls.

Other Vendor Urn

The top of this unit is actually caved in giving the polished finish a wavy appearance.

Other Vendor Urn

This unit has an obvious seam where it has been welded together. In standard pictures, this would not be apparent, but in person it is quite noticeable.

Other Vendor Urn

The interior of this urn clearly demonstrates the marked difference between it and our urns. Our urns exhibit acute attention to detail in their manufacture with velvet lining. Apparently, this manufacturer did not think that was necessary.

The mounting brackets for this unit are located in the four corners, thereby leaving gaps between the outer edges of the base plate when secured in place and the urn walls. Our cubic urns have a recessed flange lining all four walls. Our base plate is mounted atop this flange, thereby providing a securely sealed installation.

Also, this unit is constructed of materials that are .050" in thickness. Our materials are .10" thick—twice the thickness.

Other Vendor Urn

This last unit is constructed of materials that are .030" thick. As previously mentioned, our urns are constructed of materials that are .10" thick—over three times the thickness of this unit. This unit is called "formed sheet," which is of lightweight construction.

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